How to Make the Most of Appointment and Events Scheduling with Amelia 2.0

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Today’s web users are almost always in a hurry. If your page does not engage them in a few brief seconds, they’re likely to try their luck elsewhere. In addition, if your users are already established clients or customers, they may not remain so for long if communicating with your business begins to become a hassle.

Booking appointments, registering and paying for events online has to be fast, straightforward, and simple. If it is not, you are going to need an awful lot of traffic to get a small number of conversions—which is where the Amelia WordPress appointment and event booking plugin enters the picture.

This article will show you why you should have this option on the booking website you’re creating.

Events Functions in Amelia 2.0

Events Functions in Amelia 2.0

You can forget about admins and spreadsheets. With Amelia they’re passé; obsolete; history. Such was often the case before Amelia 1.0 entered the scene; a premium appointments and events plugin that has even more to offer with its 2.0 release.

How is 2.0 better?

For one thing, a wider variety of events can be managed, ranging from single day events to multi-day traveling tours, seminars, classes, and conferences. Amelia makes it a simple task for you to manage each of these event types in detail – times, number of days, costs of each event, recurring events, etc.

Payments for Appointment and Event Scheduling

Amelia’s payment integrations are not only cool, they are essential if a business is to run as smoothly as possible.

Tired of trying to manually manage multiple-day events’ pricing and attendance? Then quit doing it. Once you enter events into Amelia, WooCommerce, PayPal, and Stripe integrations ensure booking, pricing, payments, and attendance are taken care off. Amelia even sends SMS notifications when payments have been made.

Events Calendar

Events Calendar

Build your events, feed them into your Events Calendar, and it becomes a conversion boosting powerhouse for registrations and payments. With but a single click, users can view your service catalog and the panorama of events you’re offering.

Then, it’s simply a matter of guiding a visitor step-by-step through the booking process once that visitor has selected an event. The calendar constantly updates an event’s availability and indicates when a maximum event capacity is reached.

It’s worth noting that booking, payment processing, and the events calendar itself share a common UI with you and the event attendees, making registration and events management simple and transparent and keeping all parties concerned totally satisfied.

Amelia 2.0 provides several addition Events Calendar options including the ability to personalize which events to display and the capability of creating “invitation-only” events. To get the entire story, you can read more about the events and Events Calendar here.

Classes Booking

Classes Booking

A user-friendly solution is often the result of user feedback. That is precisely what determined how the Amelia 2.0’s Events Calendar manages multi-day events. This new scheduling solution streamlines classes bookings and payments in much the same way as other appointment bookings are handled.

There are many appointment scheduling and several event scheduling WP plugins available. Some are better than others. But as far as finding a solution for booking, scheduling, and managing payments for ongoing classes or group training, there is but one – Amelia.

Scheduling classes, group training sessions, and workshops are fully supported by Amelia 2.0’s automated process in which you can intuitively schedule single, multi-day, and recurring classes and similar events and easily manage their payments.

The spreadsheet just became a memory of a bygone era.

An Appointment and Event Scheduling Solution You’ll Enjoy Using

Amelia has received such high marks for its UI and UX since its initial launch one could only wonder if 2.0 could be any better.

It is, with the introduction of the Amelia Gutenberg block and the addition of Dutch and French languages for starters.

To get the most out or Amelia however, you need to fully understand several of its most popular features; features that have been there from the beginning.

Such as:

The Admin Dashboard

Whether you’re a designer or a business owner, you’ll benefit from Amelia’s interactive dashboard that displays KPI summaries in a series of widgets, tables, and charts. Spend 5 seconds or so reviewing the KPI metrics and you’ll know where you and your business stands.

The Booking Wizard

The Booking Wizard

This popular Amelia plugin feature provides a frontend view of the step-by-step booking wizard users follow that allows them to seamlessly progress through booking and/or purchasing. This excellent example of what a smooth UX is all about lets users pick and choose their services, dates, locations, and payment details – and make changes on the fly if needed.

The Search Booking Widget

The Search Booking Widget

This widget provides users with a search interface they can go do if they are looking for specific events to book to. When they find the event they want, they’re provided with time slots and locations. Users can enter multiple search criteria at a time to help them satisfy any preferences they may have with respect to time, service, or category.

The search interface significantly contributes in making the appointment scheduler a high-converting booking solution.

And, Multiple Front-End Views and Customizable Design

And, Multiple Front-End Views and Customizable Design

Unlocking any of the 4 Amelia frontend views is simply a matter of inserting one of these shortcodes into any post or page:

  • Events Booking View
  • Booking search
  • Step-by-step booking, or
  • Services catalogue

Whichever you choose to insert, you’ll be presented with a clean, minimalist, non-intrusive UI – the colors of which you can change to match your brand or website’s theme.


Amelia is a fully-automated and streamlined booking and payments solution featuring front-end design flexibility and a UX that is pleasing to business owners and Amelia users alike. Amelia does what you no longer have to do manually, in the background, an on a 24/7 basis.

The key to getting superior results from this plugin requires a good understanding of its features. This in turn allows you to leverage this, the best WP booking plugin to your full advantage. You no longer have to settle on manual methods or multiple plugins. Amelia 2.0 does it all.

Select your industry’s demo and try Amelia 2.0 yourself.

Select your industry’s demo and try Amelia 2.0 yourself.

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